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At The Beef Farm, our primary focus is raising high quality beef. For over 120 years, our family farms have focused on agriculture, stewardship, and service. With farming locations in multiple counties within Alabama, we have expanded once again to offer a greater volume of beef for direct sale to local consumers from our finishing program. We are excited about the opportunity to serve and are thrilled to share our passion with you!

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Local. Natural. Family.

Our family has been involved in agriculture and raising beef since before 1900 and has a multi-generational passion for stewardship and sustainable farming practices.

The Beef Farm focuses on responsible, eco-friendly farming practices that require significantly higher input costs than those of historical farming practices. We are able to mitigate those stewardship costs through resource management and farm efficiency practices which allows for competitive pricing while offering a superior and sustainable product.

We use USDA certified processors to ensure maximum food safety and processing standards are applied during harvest. Whether you would like to make a one-time purchase or become a lifetime partner with our family farm, we are honored to serve you.

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”We have made our ordering process quick and simple. Customers select the available options that best fit their family’s needs and we do the rest! Orders always receive priority placement to ensure beef lovers are able to enjoy your farm fresh beef as quickly as possible. If this is your first time ordering direct from the farm, check out our how it works tab!


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