The Beef Farm

What Drives Us

People may want to know “After 120 years, what drives the family”? We think the answer is simple. It is the continued pursuit of perfection in all we do. Whether it is our Faith, family, or the farm, each day is a continued journey from where we left off the day before. Each day provides the opportunity to be just a little better than we were yesterday. Whether it’s tending to cattle, spending time with the up-and-coming Beef Farm generation, or giving thanks for the little things, we believe we can all be a little better tomorrow than we were today.

One may ask: “Is perfection possible?” To that, we have to say “Yes”, but only if we follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He made it clear in John 14:6 when He said “I am the way” and we are eternally grateful for the sacrifice he made that pardoned our worldly sins. We understand humanity is not perfect and we fall short of His standards on a daily basis (trust us, we see ourselves in the mirror every day just like you do and it’s not always pretty). We see our own actions, hear our own words and know our unspoken thoughts. The bad thing is so does He, but the good news is He loves us in spite of our faults. He knew us before our first heartbeat and is faithful to guide the ones wise enough to seek Him.

As part of our journey, our family will pledge to continue to Pray for you, our country, our service men and women, anyone with a need as well as individuals who may have never heard the name of Jesus. Together, we believe we can do more than provide high quality beef products, we believe we can share our pursuit of perfection and life long journey with those looking for the true source of hope and peace. May you be blessed today and seek to be a blessing to someone else.