What We Offer

Our products are vacuum sealed and frozen after USDA inspection.

Life is full of choices and placing an order with The Beef Farm is no different. We cater to all business and family sizes to ensure everyone can enjoy our great tasting beef. Whether purchasing multiple whole beef, a 50-pound bundle, or purchasing a single packaged steak at our home store, we have something for you.


Farm Hand Bundle

2 Packages of Ground Beef (+1.3 LB each)
2 Sirloin Steaks (+1.2 LB each)

Sirloin Sizzler Bundle

6 Sirloin Steaks (+1.2 LB each)

Great for dinner or old fashion steak sandwiches!

Cowboy Bundle

3 Packages of Ground Beef (+1.3 LB each)
3 Sirloin Steaks (+1.2 LB each)
1 Roast (+3 LB)
2 Chuck Steaks (+1 1/4 LB each)

Now With Even More Beef!

The Cook's Bundle

10 Packages of Ground Beef (+1.3 LB each)

Perfect for family cook outs!

Foreman Bundle

8 Packages of Ground Beef (+1.3 LB each)
4 Ribeye Steaks (+ 12oz each)
4 NY Strip Steaks (+ 12oz each)
2 Roast (+3 LB each)
2 Chuck Steaks (+1 1/4 LB each)

Now With Even More Beef!


On half and whole orders, customers have the option to customize the individual cuts during the checkout process. We have developed a proprietary process for simplifying the selection process.


Most beef sections can be packaged into a varying combination of steaks, roasts, and ground beef depending on consumer preference. This allows each family to personalize their purchase through portion control and storage.


Our hassle-free and customer orientated business strategy removes all the hidden costs and frustrations normally associated with purchasing and processing farm direct beef. We keep it simple and intentionally stay away from "live wieght", "hanging weight", "you pay the butcher" pricing scenerios which can initially mislead consumers into thinking they are paying significantly less per pound of beef than they actually are. We cover all harvest and other miscellaneous costs associated with a beef purchase to ensure our customers only pay one simple rate with no additional or undisclosed costs. 


We have put together a chart to recommend the correct beef bundle for your family size.

Order Size: Eighth Quarter Half Whole
Recommended Family Size: Individuals/Small Families Small Families (2 to 3) Average Families (4 to 6) Large/Multi Family (6+)
Round 20% 11 Lbs 22 Lbs 45 Lbs 90 Lbs
Loin (Short loin and Sirloin) 17% 10 Lbs 19 Lbs 38 Lbs 77 Lbs
Ribs 10% 6 Lbs 11 Lbs 23 Lbs 45 Lbs
Chuck 30% 15 Lbs 33 Lbs 68 Lbs 135 Lbs
Brisket/Short Plate/Flank 20% 11 Lbs 22 Lbs 45 Lbs 90 Lbs
Other 3% 2 Lbs 3 Lbs 7 Lbs 14 Lbs
*Total Amount 100% *55 Lbs *110 Lbs *225 Lbs *450 Lbs
* The calculations above reflect the total average packaged weight estimates of each section of the beef. Each beef will have its own individual hanging weight based on the size of the animal at time of harvest. The total packaged product may weigh proportionally more or less than the figures above based on the individual animal weight, customer cut requests, and overall yield. Individual cut quantities also vary by order based on requested thickness and overall yield. Please note consumer cut preferences could affect total yield by as much as +/- 20%.