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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have a collection of questions related to buying beef directly from The Beef Farm. If you have a question related to something we have not covered, please feel free to send us an email via our contact link and someone on our team will be glad to respond. We encourage knowledge sharing and would love to hear from you.

No. The majority of the cattle raised on our farms end up going into the national beef supply and are sold through various market outlets. We sometimes refer to this group as our “cashflow cattle” since they help keep the operation going.

Have you ever heard the saying “happy wife, happy life”? We use that philosophy with cows. Chasing cattle just doesn’t work. Our cows come to feed and tend to follow us around like pets looking for treats. In most cases, we can put cattle where they need to be with just one person and a feed bucket. They stay calm and we stay happy.

Our cattle typically eat grass during the summer and hay during the winter. We primarily finish our market beef on hay and grain to add extra marbling to the meat. This technique develops that great taste our customers love and is referred to as “grass fed and grain finished”. We do offer a limited number of “grass finished” cattle each year that do not enter into our feeding programs. To inquire or reserve an order for one of our “grass finished/grass fed” cattle, please reach out to us via email and we will be more than happy to serve your needs.

Yes, and we only harvest 100% healthy cattle with no preservatives.

The Beef Farm difference:
Volume, consistency, and a deep understanding of what it takes to generate high quality beef. Statistically here in Alabama, the average beef cow herd size is approximately 25 animals or less. When considering all factors, true consistency and sustainable quality cannot be achieved at this scale. There is just too much product variation. We work hard to ensure our all-natural growth programs are consistently applied among all our cattle which yields the best opportunities for consistent, high quality beef.

Transparent Pricing:
Our beef is priced as a finished product which ensures consumers understand their total cost up front. This is completely different from most other sources where percentages and/or “hanging weights” are typically used when advertising prices. The use of this advertising method can lead to false pricing assumptions by consumers and generally inflates the beef “price” by roughly 50%. In addition to this, there could be added costs associated with harvest that could be as high as $800.00 to $1,000.00 per beef. These are not necessarily “advertised” expenses to consumers and they could be in addition to what is paid to the farmer for the animal. Here at The Beef Farm, we pay all costs associated with harvest and make the process simple and hassle free for our consumers.

We are extremely excited about this one but we must begin by saying “WOW! We have been so blessed by your overwhelming support!”. In the beginning, our family recognized an underserved segment of the population who were interested in [good] farm fresh beef. The only thing we failed to recognize is just how many of you there are! Each of you have been an inspiration to us. Your voice has helped us improve our product and we want to continue to reciprocate the blessing you have been to our family.


Ways we’re improving:

To more effectively serve market demands moving forward, we are taking a hard look at our supply chain and processes for ways to increase capacity. Along with infrastructure, our ongoing development includes an exciting opportunity for customers who purchase beef from us, to not only support us, but also to expand their “buy local” efforts and support other responsible farmers at the same time! In addition to our own beef inventory, we are carefully identifying a number of trusted local growers who share in our fundamental vision of raising quality beef. These growers may have a history in cow/calf production but may not have the knowledge or resources available to efficiently finish and bring a quality end product to market the way we can. Once a partner is vetted and approved, they will have the ability to market a select number of premium quality feeders from their farms directly into our custom feeder/finishing programs. From there, The Beef Farm will continue to create the same level of quality beef and overall value you have come to expect. We believe this opportunity is a step in the right direction and will do that much more to bring responsible producers closer to you, the educated consumer. If you would like to learn more about this, feel free to contact us!

The timeframe can vary depending on several factors. Order volume, processer capacity, and inventory on hand all play a part in order fulfillment timeframes. Unlike smaller farmers, we have the inventory to ensure year-round harvest which allows for more rapid order fulfillment over other farmers. Unless unforeseen circumstances arise, we generally ask customers to allow for a maximum of 120 days to complete the harvest and have their order ready for pickup. Smaller bundle orders can be filled in as quickly as the next business day if the inventory is in stock.

We typically recommend picking your beef order up in a standard cooler. Two large coolers will generally hold a half of a beef but we recommend bringing a small third cooler just in case. All meat is carefully preserved at the butcher to ensure it complies with local and state meat handling and health guidelines.  If you have any additional questions regarding your order, feel free to contact us.

If you have a specific need, The Beef Farm will do it’s best to serve you. Feel free to reach out to us via email and provide the details of your situation. Whether you are inquiring about commercial supply opportunities, planning a special event, or just want to make an individual non-traditional order request, we most likely have the ability to support your needs.

For eighth and quarter beef orders, we use standard cut and packaging options to ensure even and fair portions for each order. While each beef is truly unique and no single order will be identical, The Beef Farm strives to consistently provide high quality beef for your family with every order.

Yes! If you would like to use a specific butcher to harvest your whole beef order, we will be glad to deliver it to the processor of your choice. We have the flexibility to work with various harvest schedules and offer hauling at no charge for the first 25 miles.