Welcome to The Beef Farm

How It Works

Welcome to The Beef Farm! For those of you who have never purchased beef directly off the farm, this page will give you a good idea of how the process works and what to expect. If you’re an expert and are looking for something specific, we have broken this page out into the individual sections of the process. Didn’t see the information you are looking for? Feel free to send us an email with your question and we will respond as quickly as possible. For all the first-timers, let’s dive in to the process!


The beef we purchase from the grocery store is normally transported commercially and prepared for harvest from somewhere in the world through a process referred to as “finishing”. We use the wording: “somewhere in the world” because the reality of the U.S. beef supply is that it is global and many times, we do not know the origin of the meat we are consuming. The USDA indicated that during 2020 and 2021, the U.S. imported 3.34 and 3.35 billion pounds of beef (respectively) from at least 20 different countries. From a mathematical standpoint, this would indicate that each American consumed 10 lbs. of foreign beef in 2021.

Now whether your beef comes from an imported country like Nicaragua or it comes from The Beef Farm, there are lots of different requirements that go into the process of properly finishing beef. With that said, timing is one of the most important. Each beef will grow and mature at its own rate (normally 2 lbs. - 3.5 lbs. per day) so getting to a harvest weigh of 1250 lbs. -1400 lbs. doesn’t happen overnight.


The Beginning:

Raising high quality beef starts with a healthy herd, good genetics, and proper care. From there, a proper diet and overall farm management play a big part in the success of a program. At The Beef Farm, cows and calves typically eat native pasture grasses and hay prior to the weaning period. This is when pasture maintenance and successful sustainability efforts are so important. A comprehensive animal welfare program is a must in addition to clean water, vitamins, and minerals which play a crucial role in balancing the health of each animal.  



As growth continues, cattle go into separate pastures and are placed on natural grass, feed, and hay as quickly as possible to minimize any growth disruptions. After they reach 850 lbs. to 1,000 lbs. (at roughly 18 months of age), the cattle are transitioned into an all-natural “finishing” feeding program to maximize “average daily gains” (as it is referred to within the cattle industry). The finishing process is one of the most important and complex processes of the entire cycle. It is labor intensive and requires a high degree of skill and patience. Each animal will “finish” at its own unique rate so rushing the process isn’t good for the animal, the farmer, or the consumer.


The Product:

The product is a locally grown, farm fresh, superior cut of beef. Our dedication to stewardship and ethical standards means consumers can purchase our beef with the highest degree of confidence knowing exactly how and where their beef was prepared for harvest. Our primary offerings are grain finished beef but we also have a small percentage of the herd that do not enter the feeding program and are finished on grass only. This flexibility allows our consumers to have a larger spectrum of possibilities to accommodate their preferences. 

As referred to on our shop now page, our standard bundles have a combination of every section of the beef to guarantee customers receive a variety of meat options. Providing these options to our customers enables a year-round entrée choice for families that enjoy diversifying their dining experience. Whether it is delicious lean ground beef, mouthwatering steaks, oven baked roasts, or slow smoked beef brisket that can be cut with a fork, the end choice is definitely sure to satisfy.



Planning to place an order from The Beef Farm is similar to the concept of making a grocery list. Typically, several days before the actual trip to the grocery store, preparations are made to identify grocery items needed within the home. The same logic of planning and preparation applies to successfully placing beef orders. As outlined in previous sections, finishing beef correctly is a time intensive process. This makes the early placement of orders a critical step in having year-round access to high quality, all-natural, locally raised beef.

Placement of the order is simple. Select the appropriate bundle and either make a deposit or pay for the order in full through the website. For larger bulk orders that may need to be processed through order fulfillment, full payment can be received anywhere between the initial date of deposit and 45 days prior to order pickup.

To maximize your order, we recommend identifying family cooking habits as well as individual preferences for beef consumption. In the event there is uncertainty over your desired beef cuts, we have developed a proprietary process for helping customers fill out their cut sheets when ordering half or whole orders.


Order Conformation:

After you submit your order, we will verify all of your information and reserve your beef. If applicable, prior to the scheduled harvest date, we will reach out to you via email and confirm a pickup time. For orders on eighths and quarters, we will reach out to you regarding the pick-up availability once the order is recieved.


Order Fulfillment:

We strive to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Depending on inventory levels, bundles and smaller bulk orders may be available immediately. Under normal circumstances, we are able to fulfill most larger bulk orders within 60 days of receipt or less. On occasion, outside influences beyond our control may generate deviations from our averages but we do our best to maintain a relatively consistent flow of beef to the harvest locations to minimize variations in order fulfillment. Once the packaged beef is ready for pick up, we work with each customer to verify the best method of order pickup.  Our continual pledge to consumers is to offer our high-quality product as quickly as possible to meet the individual need.


The Experience:

With successful execution of the process, consumers can enjoy superior quality beef that is sure to satisfy. We continually work to improve our processes for both the animals and our valued customers which is why we refer to what we do as “a journey”. We understand consumers work hard for the money that goes toward feeding their family so our goal is to bring as much value to the table as possible. Through our dedicated efforts, we strive to ensure that families are able to enjoy the fruits of our farm’s hard work right down to the last bite.